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Online Spanish Classes

Hola! Mucho gusto my name is Hyla, your spanish profe! Here you'll find all our current class offerings with all their details. Don't wait until mañana to learn a life changing skill! 

Classes Offered


Christine T. says...

I love the weekly lessons.  Everything is so well organized.  Meeting and speaking with other Peregrinas in the Zoom class is awesome.  Hyla is open to suggestions from the class members. It's a great time and I look forward to it. So if you have been wondering about learning Spanish for the Camino please join the next class. You won't be sorry.  It's well worth it. Buenos Dias Buenas Tardes Buenas Noches Chicas 😀"

Jeanie T. says...

I absolutely love Hyla and this class.  I look forward every week to Wednesdays and our hour together.  I have learned a lot and feel so much more confident (and less fearful) about my Camino.  Thank you Hyla, and everybody else who has participated."

Sande I. says...

A safe and fun community for learning a new language…this is what Spanish for the Camino is all about. Interactive with great resources created by Hyla, such as flash cards and pronunciation videos. The words and phrases that you learn will help you to ask for what you need and maybe even have a conversation or two with a native Spanish speaker. Knowing even a few key words and phrases is a great way to increase your confidence during your grand adventure. Hyla is a wonderful and supportive teacher and I would recommend the classes to anyone who is walking the Camino in Spain."
“Sigue la flecha amarilla a la derecha” ~ Follow the yellow arrow to the right

Shannon Y says...

I have yet to make an appearance at the live meetings but I am loving the convenience of having access to the lessons.  I would definitely be interested in another round in October.  Muchas Gracias 😍"

Lorna M. says...

I have really enjoyed the Spanish Classes live as well as the recordings and also on my phone in the "Wild" while in the country. Hyla has gone above and beyond with resource tools, the PDF, class summary, and quizlet are great to reinforce. She has created a safe, nurturing environment to grow.  My favorite part is learning, speaking, and pantomiming along with everyone in class at different levels -just like on the Camino. It is challenging to remember when you are tired or nervous and this class helps the nervous part in a safe supportive environment. I highly recommend this course whether ultimate beginner or an upper-level beginner. Buen Camino Peregrinas"

Gert G. says...

Anyone who's planning on doing the Camino ... I strongly urge you to sign up for this course. I have just come back from my 'journey ' and let me tell you, most of the people we came across could not speak English . Taxi drivers, wait staff, the people that ran the apartments that we booked, people in the mall (eg when we wanted to know where the fitting room was, can we have this in a smaller size etc) mostly did NOT understand/speak English thank goodness I knew a bit of Spanish and that helped us a lot.

At the grocery store, most items were in Spanish and that was very tricky as one of my friends does eat pork and the other does not eat beef. So they had to rely on 'my Spanish ' knowledge to help identify what they could eat. Hyla had a list of food items and this is helped us navigate through this issue.
Besides ...having real people in the class sure beats using a language app"

About la profe

Hyla Golden Del Castillo

Hola, nice to meet you! Let me tell you a bit about my spanish background! I was born in Bogota, Colombia but was raised between this place and Panama City, Panama where I did my elementary school to later finish high school in Bogota. I immigrated to Toronto with my dog Perseo and I'm currently about to complete my studies at Toronto Metropolitan University in Canada. This academic journey has expanded one of my many passions in life, our Spanish language and culture! I've visited many countries and regions in Latin America as well as Spain, some of these include Peru (Lima, Cuzco, Machu Pichu), Colombia (Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Amazonas etc.), Mexico City, Panama (City, Chiriqui, San Blas, Veraguas, San Carlos etc.), Argentina (Buenos Aires) and Spain (Malaga, Madrid, Marbella). I've had the honour to pass this knowledge onto dozens of students over the past year with a Camino specific course, and hoping to do the same for people interested in Latin America. Learn with me not only the basic words and phrases but also cultural do's and don'ts, social manners and tips and tricks straight from a local to ensure your richest travel experience! Vamos aventurero/as!

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