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Hola aventureros y aventureras! 


Have you been planning or dreaming about a trip to Latin America but are scared of going without knowing the basics of Spanish? did you recently move down south but are struggling with the basics of the language? No stress! After a year of successful lessons focused on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, we bring you the most comprehensive travel essentials for Latin American travellers and expats. This course is for anyone who is an absolute beginner in the language and wishes to know the basics in order to have a richer experience while traveling or living in the beautiful southern hemisphere of the continent. Come have fun and build your confidence before you travel! What do you get when signing up for this 6 week course? 

  • Weekly 1 hour live zoom class where we will learn words, phrases and responses and practice what we learn.
  • A recording of the class in case you can't attend live.
  • A summary video of just phrases and words with the text under them so we can practice reading and talking.
  • A pdf of all of the phrases and words we learned at the end of the class.
  • Fun, online flashcards for easy practice.
  • A private whatsapp community for all of us Spanish learners where we can ask each other questions, celebrate our progress or practice further. Here I'll be available to answer any questions and clarify through audios any pronunciation questions that may come up!


Classes begin on July 3rd with 2 available time slots. 12-1pm EST and 5:30-6:30pm EST, pick the time that works best for you in the notes section!


Traveling to a new country where you don’t speak the language can be scary, but just knowing a few sentences and key words can make all the difference in your trip and the life long connections you can make! We will go over 6 basic topics and during our final week we open up the floor to students to make special requests on any topic they’re interested in exploring! 

  • Week 1 - food and drinks 
  • Week 2 - accommodations 
  • Week 3 - health and hygiene 
  • Week 4 - directions 
  • Week 5 - making friends 
  • Week 6 - special requests 


If you’re still unsure about joining, hear what past students had to say about their learning experiences and outcomes of a similar course focused on the Camino de Santiago in Spain! 


Christine T. says...

I love the weekly lessons.  Everything is so well organized.  Meeting and speaking with other Peregrinas in the Zoom class is awesome.  Hyla is open to suggestions from the class members. It's a great time and I look forward to it. So if you have been wondering about learning Spanish for the Camino please join the next class. You won't be sorry.  It's well worth it. Buenos Dias Buenas Tardes Buenas Noches Chicas 😀"


Jeanie T. says...

I absolutely love Hyla and this class.  I look forward every week to Wednesdays and our hour together.  I have learned a lot and feel so much more confident (and less fearful) about my Camino.  Thank you Hyla, and everybody else who has participated."


Shannon Y says...

I have yet to make an appearance at the live meetings but I am loving the convenience of having access to the lessons.  I would definitely be interested in another round in October.  Muchas Gracias 😍"


Lorna M. says...

I have really enjoyed the Spanish Classes live as well as the recordings and also on my phone in the "Wild" while in the country. Hyla has gone above and beyond with resource tools, the PDF, class summary, and quizlet are great to reinforce. She has created a safe, nurturing environment to grow.  My favorite part is learning, speaking, and pantomiming along with everyone in class at different levels -just like on the Camino. It is challenging to remember when you are tired or nervous and this class helps the nervous part in a safe supportive environment. I highly recommend this course whether ultimate beginner or an upper-level beginner. Buen Camino Peregrinas


Cost breakdown: $120 USD = $20 per class ($165 CAD = $27.5 per class)

Latin America Spanish Class

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