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Handmade one of a kind pieces made from sustainable materials and practices, inspired by music, animals, people, places and life itself. Made to empower and tell a story about those who wear it and those who made it. For us fashion is not where the line ends, but where it may takes us through acceptance, love, empowerment, and discovering the courage to be radically ourselves. Designed by Hyla Golden.


H.Y.L.A. wants to stray away from the mass consumer mentality. This is why every piece is one of a kind. We believe in purchasing something an item you truly love, that is unique (1/1), while having no need to throw away or get rid of after only a couple of wears. Our hope is to create a more conscious consumer space and decrease the pollution damage to our beautiful planet.


The designers’ unique take on life and fashion is what inspires every garment. As someone with synesthesia, music is a heavy influence on the shapes, textures and colours that go into each garment (stay tuned to our social media to see the inspiration for each piece!).  


Each piece is made of scraps or otherwise sustainable materials gathered using minimal energy and resource consumption, powered by the love of fashion and our planet. After each piece of fabric has been carefully selected it is the fabric that decides what it wants to be, the designer just listens. After this, the piece is handmade into a design that will be adjustable to fit the customers’ needs as everything is one size and one of a kind. 

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