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This empire lace up skirt is a made to order custom product. A storytelling canvas like no other. Let’s work together on telling a story that’s meaningful to you. The skirt is made from upcycled cotton bedsheets that have been hand stamped, cut and collaged with red zig zag stitching. This particular skirt tells a story of a moth coming into her own as something even more beautiful than a butterfly. Finished with red metal eyelets and crochet red braids to secure your curves into place. The skirt is incredibly flattering as you can see on the side of the model it completely outlines the side of the body beautifully. If you’re in Toronto/ GTA we can book an in person appointment to discuss the design/ measurements, if not zoom will be absolutely just fine! This garment takes 1-2 weeks of production, free shipping within Canada.

Nature tattoo mini lace up skirt

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