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The “Peineta de Tembleques” or Tembleque combs are originally part of the traditional Panamanian folklore dress “pollera Panameña”. As a child I used to dress in this traditional garment and dance in all the 3rd of November parades and eat all the carimañolas. I re imagined them in this crystal like form instead of the traditional opaque pearls but still kept to most of the traditional Papo (Hibiscus) and Jasmine designs and creating new ones as well. The comb is stainless that has adjustable teeth and won’t snag your hair. It’s recommended if you have hair on the flatter/ straighter side, to secure the comb in either a braid or a ponytail to make sure it doesn’t fall, you can also secure with Bobby pins as you see fit. This is a one of a kind piece made by Hyla in her Toronto apartment and all the beads where locally sourced right before the third lockdown.

Jasmines Saltarines Comb

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